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School Awards

The Blue Ribbon Schools Program identifies and gives national recognition to a diverse group of public and private schools that are unusually effective in meeting local, state, and national goals and in educating all of their students. The program comprises the Elementary School Recognition Program and the Secondary School Recognition Program, recognizing elementary and secondary schools in alternate years.

The Blue Ribbon Schools Program is designed as a national school improvement strategy. The intent is to effect improvement through the collaborative self-evaluation required of local school communities that participate and, through the stimulus recognition provides, to continue the pursuit of excellence. Recognized schools serve as models for other schools and communities seeking to provide high quality education for all their students.

What Selection Criteria Are Used?
The Review Panel considers the following "Conditions of Effective Schooling" in each school:
  • Leadership;
  • Teaching Environment;
  • Curriculum and Instruction;
  • Student Environment;
  • Parent and Community Support;
  • Organizational Vitality.
It also considers such objective "Indicators of Success" as:
  • Student performance on measures of achievement;
  • Daily student and teacher attendance rates;
  • Students' postgraduation pursuits;
  • Schools, staff, and student awards.
Each year, two special emphases are designated. In the Elementary School Recognition Program, special attention has been called to math, science, geography, and content-rich arts programs. In the Secondary School Recognition Program, special attention has been called to geography, history, and content-rich visual and performing arts. The subjects chosen represent areas in which, according to national and international assessment, school performance needs to be greatly improved and where effective models are sought. Excellence in these areas, however, is not a condition of national recognition.

What Are The Benefits?

Blue Ribbon Schools Program has proven to be effective in numerous ways:
  • Recognition itself is a powerful energizer for further improvement in recognized schools as well as a stimulus for continued efforts by schools striving for national recognition.
  • Public confidence in recognized schools increases, often resulting in higher local funding for schools, greater parent and community involvement in education, and success in the search for outside funds and other resources.
  • The public spotlight shines on recognized schools; often they are the subject of articles in national, state, and local publications. They are sometimes designated as the universe from which schools, teachers, or students are selected for special awards from business and industry.
  • Recognized schools share with and learn about effective education techniques from other schools.
National Catholic High School Honor Roll

2010-2011 Catholic School Honor Roll - Academic Excellence Honoree
2007 Catholic School Honor Roll – Civic Education Honoree

The primary goal of the Catholic High School Honor Roll is to acknowledge those schools that maintain high academic standards, uphold their Catholic identities, and prepare their students to actively engage the world. A “constructive competition” of sorts, the Honor Roll encourages schools to improve the academic and spiritual formation of America’s youth. After analyzing and highlighting the particular strengths of Catholic secondary schools, the Honor Roll publishes a list of America’s Top 50 Catholic Schools and of Catholic Schools receiving Honorable Mention as measured in the areas of academic excellence, Catholic identity, and civic education.

Today’s Catholic educators face a number of serious challenges: financial difficulties, high rates of student and teacher turnover, lack of recognition from local communities, lagging academic standards, pressure to dilute Church teachings, and the culture of moral relativism pressuring the schools. Those schools that face these struggles with excellence and integrity deserve to be recognized.

For more information about the National Catholic High School Honor Roll click here.