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Past Alumnae and Alumnae Parent Honorees

Distinguished Alumnae and Alumnae Parent Honorees
Every year in the spring, we honor alumnae and alumnae parents who have provided service to the community and school.  A list of all prior honorees are below. 
 2017 Honorees
   Margaret Hernandez, Class of 1981
  Natalie Julien, Class of 1996
2016 Honoree
Sister Jennifer Gaeta, SSS, Class of 1971
2015 Honoree
Dr. Kathryn Murphy-Brazelton, Class of 1968
2014 Honorees
Ava DuVernay, Class of 1990
Dr. Julie Perron, Class of 1985
2013 Honoree
Cathleen Elskon Sparrow, Class of 1978
2012 Honorees
Anna Lyra Barreiro Sutti, Class of 2001
Sr. Terry Dodge, SSL, Class of 1969
2011 Honoree
Patricia Avila Pacheco, Class of 1975
2010 Honoree
Susan Powers Scurti, Class of 1980
2009 Honoree
Jessica Sziebl Christensen, Class of 1989
2008 Honoree
Jackie Carey Wilson, Class of 1982
2007 Honoree
Barbara Lopes Mahakian, Class of 1968
2006 Honorees
Lisa Norcia Lindgren, Class of 1982
2005 Honorees (40th Anniversary, one honoree per decade)
Karen Schiada Barnes, Class of 1969
Mary Jensen Koppes, Class of 1977
Alison Cook, Class of 1984
Marisa Prado, Class of 1996
2004 Honorees
Paula Eggert Faust, Class of 1980
Susan J. Paul, Class of 1980
2003 Honoree
Lisa Fernandez, Class of 1989
2002 Honoree
Teresa Montoya Aimerito, Class of 1969
2001 Honoree
Patrice Kolano Kirby, Class of 1972
2000 Honoree
Patricia Fuller, Class of 1973
Lesley Risko Trejo, Class of 1980
1999 Honoree
Terri Mendoza, Class of 1973
1998 Honoree
Helen Spagnoletti Thies, Class of 1974
1997 Honoree
Tara Zandvliet, Class of 1986
1996 Honoree
Leslie Sykes, Class of 1983
Past Alumnae Parents of the Year
2017 Honoree
Julie Showalter
2016 Honoree
Mrs Debra Connell
2015 Honoree
Polly Pope, Posthumous Award
2014 Honorees
Jack and Elaine Alpenia
Jake and Judy DeRuyter
Jim and Nancy Koblensky
John and Sally Hammond, Posthumous Award
2012 Honoree
Mrs. Gloria Mendoza

2011 Honorees
Hal and Joan Stuben

2010 Honorees
Cathy and Chuck Wachter

2009 Honorees
Patricia and Jack Hunter

2008 Honorees
Bernie and John Ourique

2007 Honorees
Patricia and Jim Powers

2006 Honorees
Drs. Elisa and Manuel Breton