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Message from the Advancement Director

Mary Jensen Koppes, ’77, from Boeing BLUE to Jester ORANGE

Welcome to the Office of Advancement.   I am Mary Koppes and I joined (or should I say came home to) Saint Joseph High School in November 2015 after a 35-year Engineering and Technology career.  I worked on amazing programs at Rockwell and Boeing, like the Space Shuttle, the Army System of Systems Common Operating Environment (SOSCOE), and the 787 Dreamliner.  I would like to think I paved the way for the next generation of women in STEM careers and Senior Leadership roles.  Oh, the places I have been...


As the SJ Director of Mission Advancement and Technology, I am responsible for advancing and sustaining the SJ mission, fundraising, and “community-building.” I do all of this for the young women of Saint Joseph High School, the future Jesters, and, of course, my fellow alumnae.  I am here to serve you!


We are all part of the Saint Joseph High School community and we work together to achieve and advance the mission.   Although SJ is an LA Archdiocese (ADLA) high school, we have NEVER been subsidized by the ADLA.  We operate the school from student tuition and fees, and rely on contributions from our generous benefactors to "fill the gaps."  The LA Archdiocese has established challenging goals for SJ…we must increase enrollment to a level commensurate with our operating costs and campus footprint…a level that is comfortable and sustainable…a level where we can continue to provide a superior, Catholic, college prep education as well as the wide variety of outstanding co-curricular activities.  


Our outreach and recruitment has expanded beyond the traditional, local Catholic grammar schools.  Young women from all over LA County, Orange County, and even as far as Riverside County, want to attend Saint Joseph High School.  We also have a tremendous International Student Exchange Program and currently have close to 50 young women from China, Viet Nam, Korea, Thailand, Mexico and Spain. We plan to increase our international program in the 2016-2017 school year.  


To attract and retain students, SJ has significantly expanded two programs:  

  • Our Mother St. John Fontbonne and Carondelet Scholarship Program recognizes our students for academic excellence and outstanding service to the dear neighbor.
  • Our Saint Joseph High School Aid Program provides tuition assistance to young women who otherwise could not attend Saint Joseph High School.
Our goal is to assure that every deserving young woman can attend Saint Joseph High School if she wants to.


We raise funds for scholarships and aid through the following events and campaigns:

  • Annual Appeal
  • Special events, like the Jester Jubilee, our annual premier fundraising gala, and Family Movie Night
  • Family Pledge Program
  • Employer Matching Gift Program
  • Cultivating relationships with alumnae, alumnae parents and other constituents who invest in the young women of Saint Joseph High School
  • Grant writing
  • Planned Giving program


It’s easy to give! Simply click on the “Give Now” option on the right. Thank you in advance for your support.


My office is also responsible for working with our Consultative Board, Strategic Planning, Branding (our Identity System), and Alumnae Relations.   Stay tuned for more news from the Office of Advancement.


Living the Dream!


Mary Jensen Koppes, '77

Director of Advancement