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Technology Overview

SJHS Technology Vision and Mission
Mission Statement:  Provide technology infrastructure and tools that support and facilitate the execution of the SJHS mission to enable our students to “develop their intellect, abilities, and gifts through challenging classes and diverse co-curricular opportunities.” (Saint Joseph High School Mission Statement)
  • Provide high-performing, reliable, flexible IT infrastructure that flawlessly supports students, parents/ guardians, teachers, administration, and staff,
  • Modernize SJHS academic and plant operations by deploying and integrating information systems, which increase efficiency, improve data integrity, and support a sustainable environment (less paper please), and
  • Transform Saint Joseph High School into a digital learning environment by providing:
    • One-to-One device program for the students, which supports the teachers’ curriculum and instructional practices,
    • Smart Classroom equipped with leading edge technology to facilitate, enhance and accelerate student learning,
    • Consistent Educational Technology and tools, when possible (e.g., Learning Management System - LMS) which eases transition between classes and school years,
    • Educational Technology integrated into teachers’ instructional practices
    • Paperless school environment
Student Computer Labs
  1. Computer Lab (room 301), known as the "Mac Lab",  contains 30 Apple iMac computers.
  2. Yearbook Lab (room 303) contains 6 Apple iMac computers
  3. Media Center contains 20 stand-up PC workstations
Every computer is equipped with software, such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite.
Smart Classrooms
In 2014, SJHS expanded classroom hardware and software to create the Smart Classroom.  The Saint Joseph High School Smart Classroom provides teachers and students a state of the art, interactive technology configuration to enable 21st Century Learning.  Each classroom is equipped with the following
  • iMac computer,
  • Interactive Projector,
  • Blue Ray player,
  • Document Camera, and
  • Smart Whiteboard. 
Technology Grants and Aide
SJHS receives funding through the following government programs:
  • eRate program, which provides government funding to pay for part of the internet service.
  • California Teleconnect Fund (CTF) provides partial funding for the phone service.
SJHS was awarded the C3:Ignite grant from the LA Archdiocese for the 2016-2017 school year. C3:Ignite provides iPads, Mobile Device management software, and educational software for the Class of 2020, the Class of 2021, and teachers/staff. The students are provided a free device, including the software.
Some of the C3:Ignite iPads are used for the Device Loan Program.