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Distinguished Scholars Dinner

Junior Ring Ceremony

Fashion Club Meeting

Pebble Beach Here We Come

New Friends Welcome Cara to the SJ Birthday Traditions

Anna Dong -Texas Tech University - Golf Scholarship
Past teammate Jackie Wang showing her support at CIF Finals.

Graduation Day  - Class of 2018

Celebrating the Graduate

Saint Joseph High School welcomes international students to join our school community.  Currently enrolled are students from China, South Korea, Brazil, Vietnam and Thailand.  Our current international student population is less than 7% of our total school population.  
SJHS is a day school located in the southern part of Los Angeles county in the city of Lakewood.  Currently our international student population reside with parents, family members or legal guardians they have independently secured through an approved  home-stay agency.  
Choosing the right high school is one of the most important decisions a family makes for their daughter's future.  At Saint Joseph High School we are committed to supporting the academic success and personal growth of every student.  
Why is Saint Joseph High School the best choice for your daughter?  
Dedicated and experienced faculty members who understand the unique challenges these young ladies face and are committed to their academic success.  Teachers are on campus before and after school to individually assist students adjusting to our learning environment.  Teachers work closely with the International Student Coordinator to assess strengths and challenges for every student.  Faculty and staff members attend an annual in-service to better understand international students. 
Academic Advisors and College Counselors who meet with students regularly to discuss their current classes and to set goals for the future.  Students have immediate access to utilize "Naviance," our online college program to assist students with researching, preparing and applying to colleges/universities.  SJHS hosts an annual college fair with over 60 college/university representatives participating.  In addition, students are encouraged to speak with university/college international admissions representatives that visit our campus throughout the school year.  PSAT, SAT and ACT informational sessions are offered to students at every grade level.  Our college counselors work closely with international students to insure they are on track for meeting all university and college requirements.  Upon graduation international students are overwhelmingly accepted to the universities/colleges of their choice.
Activities and Extra Curricular Programs that offer students opportunities to make new friends and gain important life skills.  With over 35 student clubs, 11 competitive sports, Drama/Theatre, Band/Music, Choir and Dance, students have a wide variety of choices to share their talents or to try something new.   With the guidance of adult moderators, coaches and mentors, students learn skills in leadership and the value of collaborating with their peers for a common goal.   
Service to the "Dear Neighbor" is ever present in the SJHS community.  Our school culture believes strongly in looking outside ourselves and in giving to those less fortunate.  Students are required to research a worthy cause, volunteer their time in the surrounding community and then share their experiences with their classmates.  SJHS also sponsors school wide charitable projects throughout the school year. 
An International Student Coordinator that works exclusively with international students beginning with the admissions process and with continuous support of students who are adjusting to our unique school community.   The international student coordinator oversees the co-curricular block where she provides students with necessary school information, clarifying and reviewing upcoming activities and events.  Cultural celebrations that include our annual Lunar New Year Party, the Moon Festival, field trips and cultural programs with international students at our brother school (St. John Bosco H.S.) are planned for student enrichment.   In addition, the international student coordinator assists students in need of extra tutoring after school.  

For additional information, please contact our International Student Admissions Coordinator, Mrs. Nancy Swartout at ext. 112.