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Homestay Arrangements

Currently our international student population reside with parents, family members and homestay custodial guardians.  
Homestay Guardians are interviewed by the International Student Coordinator prior to the placement of students.  Guardians are expected to attend a first year orientation meeting and complete and sign all necessary registration paperwork, permission slips, etc.  The International Student Coordinator and the homestay guardian(s) maintain ongoing communication throughout the school year.  

Saint Joseph High School does not facilitate or supervise home stay arrangements.  Students who are not living with their natural parent(s), or a verified family member are required to utilize a school approved home stay agency.  Please contact Mrs. Nancy Swartout for referral information.
Student are expected to remain in their home stay for a minimum of one semester.  Students must have reasonable grounds for requesting a new homestay arrangement.  Students who request a new home stay placement will incur a $500.00 fee to cover the cost incurred for updating school and U.S. Department of Homeland Security records.  

Students and homestay guardians are required to sign a SJHS "Homestay Guardian/Student Agreement," which outlines the expectation that students remain in their homestay setting for a minimum of one semester.   

Students must immediately notify the International Student Coordinator if they are considering a change in their homestay arrangements.  New homestay guardians must be interviewed prior to a student moving to a new homestay.
In accordance with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Department of Catholic Schools guidelines, all students must provide an "Authorization for Adult to Act As Custodial Adult" form, naming the homestay guardian(s) as Custodial Adult.