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Application Process/Timeline


A limited number of spaces are available for grades 9, 10 & 11
GRADE 9 & GRADE 10  - A limited number of spaces are available for each of these grade levels.  
GRADE 11 - (Considering applicants that have studied in the U.S. for a minimum of 2 semesters and have 
                      earned grades of C or above in all courses.)
GRADE 12 - (Considering applicants that have studied the U.S. for a minimum of 4 semesters and are current with all credits towards graduation.) 
Application & Registration Process & Timeline

1.     Complete application and submit application fee of $250 (payable to Saint Joseph High School by money order or credit card)
2.     Submit the following:  
Academic Transcripts (2 to 3 years translated in English)
                        2 Teacher Recommendations (one must be from your current English teacher)
                        English proficiency test scores (any one of the options below)
                                            TOEFL - Minimum score of 65-70
                                            TOEFL Junior - Entering 9th Grade - Minimum score of 700
                                            TOEFL Junior - Entering 10th & 11th Grade - Minimum score of 750
                                            IELTS - Minimum Score 3.5
                                            *Please note:  SJHS is no longer accepting SLEP Test Scores.  
                        Copy of passport
                        Copy of current I-20/SEVIS   (if transferring from US school)                   
3.  Complete Skype Interview (scheduled by Mrs. Swartout) - The Skype interview will be schedule after the above forms and fees have been received. 
After steps 1 – 3 are complete your application will be submitted to the admissions committee for a decision.
4.     An official letter confirming your acceptance decision will be sent by email.  Acceptance letters will include a date that you must confirm your intention to enroll in order to secure your space for the upcoming school year.  
5.     Submit Non-Refundable Registration Fees to SJHS - $2970.00  (Includes I-20 processing fee) is required to reserve enrollment space. 
             Proof of Financial Responsibility (foreign bank certified form/letter)
             Authorization for Adult to Act As Custodial Parent (must have parent(s) signatures)
             I-20 Application Form 
6.     If you need homestay arrangements, the International Student Coordinator will provide you with recommended local home stay agencies to begin the process of securing your homestay guardians.  You will be contacted directly by the homestay area coordinator to complete their process in finding a suitable homestay. 
7.    Your homestay guardian(s) will be interviewed by the International Student Coordinator.   SJHS registration paperwork will be given to your homestay guardians to complete.
Transfers students must notify the school that issued the I-20 to transfer her “ACTIVE” SEVIS Number to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles (School Code LOS214F00670000) via the Homeland Security Website. 
After steps 4-7 are complete and all fees are received, Mrs. Swartout will deliver documents to the Department of Catholic Schools for processing of original I-20.  Process time is 1 to 2 business days. 
8.     Upon receipt of the original updated I-20 Mrs. Swartout will scan and email a copy of the I-20 and will immediately mail the I-20 and the original acceptance letter to the address provided on the I-20 application form. The documents will be mailed International Priority Fed Ex.  A copy of the Fed Ex tracking information will be scanned and emailed. 
9.     Please notify Mrs. Swartout when you have confirmed your visa appointment and approval.  
10. Scan a copy of your approved F1 Visa and email it to
11. Submit tuition payment to Saint Joseph High School within 10 days of F1 Visa approval.  
12. Confirm your date of arrival and schedule an appointment to submit the following documents: 
Original I-20
Immunization Records
Medical Insurance Information
Original Custodial Adult Authorization Paperwork and, SJHS registration forms.