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Academic Advising

Academic Advising consists of advisor-directed activities that help all students plan, monitor, and manage learning. Students meet with advisors a minimum of twice a year to review academic progress and to plan yearly academic course work. Students needing additional assistance are guided by academic advisors to seek out tutoring or other programs of assistance. Periodic standardized testing is administered and the results are explained to students as a guide toward future planning.

Each student is assigned an Academic Advisor who is available to help the student in her academic endeavors.

Academic Advisors
12th and 11th Grade: Mr. Joey Albert (Sections 11s1, 11s2, 12s1, and 12s2)
12th and 11th Grade: Mrs. Monica Murrillo (Sections 11s3, 11s4, 12s3, and 12s4)

12th and 11th Grade: Dr. Michelle Merchain (Sections 11s5, 11s6, 12s5, and 12s6)
10th Grade: Mrs. Debbie Haley
9th Grade: Sr. Janet Duffy
International Students: Mrs. Nancy Swartout

General Information
Progress Reports
Students receiving progress reports will be personally notified by their teacher(s) and will sign the progress report. Parents/Guardians are reminded by a phone/email automated message, to check student progress reports on the Parent Portal.

Report Cards
Report Cards are mailed to the student’s home at the end of each quarter. There are no signatures required to confirm parents/guardians have received report cards. Parents/Guardians may request a duplicate report card by the calling the school office. Parents/Guardians will receive phone and email notification the week report cards are mailed.

High School a-g Certified Course List
A list of approved University of California approved classes for Saint Joseph can be viewed at